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Campus Crime Stoppers

Does Crime Stoppers work in the schools?


If an arrest or recovery of property occurs from the tip a reward is paid.
The Pay-Out for the Tip is Submitted to the Crime Stopper’s Civilian Board.

Plays a role in school violence

Campus Crime Stoppers can play a vital role in combating violence and other crimes by eliminating student’s lack of concern, fear of retaliation, and knowing their information is confidential. Most importantly, it teaches students that they too share responsibility for the security of their schools and the well-being of their classmates.

What is Campus Crime Stoppers?

  • Crime Reduction and Prevention Program
  • Based on Crime Stoppers concept
  • Realizes that students are often the most valuable source of information regarding campus crime
  • Confidential information provided helps increase safety of schools and communities for everyone

Why a Campus Crime Stoppers Program?

  • Offers students, teachers, and others a CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS avenue to fight crime on their campus.
  • Helps eliminate fear and apathy
  • Students are able to take and active stand against violence in their school
  • Provides a safer environment for students
  • Promotes citizenship by creating a student body that is aware, interested and involved in the well-being of their school and community
  • Includes a CA$H REWARD incentive for relevant information

For Safety Reasons

  1. The tipster of the information does not leave his or her name.
  2. Instead, the tipster is assigned a code number assuring the anonymity and confidentiality of the tipster.
  3. We will ask for a case to be dismissed before we will reveal a student’s identity. We may not have won the case, but everyone went home unharmed or without drugs for that day.

Crimes May be Reported 3 WAYS…

  1. By Calling the Crime Stoppers line at 974-6400
  2. Online Confidential Tip Submission
  3. Students can give a Campus Crime Stoppers tip in Person to a School Resource Officer/Teacher/Principal/Asst. Principal.

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