Beaufort County NC Crime Stoppers

How It Works

Why is it preferred?

Fear of retaliation
Lack of concern
A reluctance to become involved

As a Prevention Tool

Eliminate Fear and Lack of Concern

Law Enforcement

Takes Calls
Passes them on to the proper agency
Agency investigates the tip

Crime Stoppers is a Crime Prevention Tool

The Three Main Components of Reporting Crime
The Community
Law Enforcement
The Media

If an arrest or recovery of property occurs from the tip a reward is paid.
The Pay-Out for the Tip is Submitted to the Crime Stopper’s Civilian Board.

The Board looks at the:
Case Summary-brief overview
Arrest Information
Who? Where? What? When? How?

Charges – what type of charge, felony or misdemeanor
Recovery – how much property, drugs, or weapons
Impact of Community – how will this impact the community

Responsibilities of the Board
Finances-Income, expenses, budget, and payouts
Fundraising – All money making activities
Promotional – Promoting the program

“The key to prevention is intelligence and Crime Stoppers is the source of that intelligence”.

Cost Analysis
Non-Profit privately funded by sponsors, donations, and fundraisers

Benefits: Are Immense!

  • Safer Community to live, work, and for our children to play
  • Safer Schools for our children to learn and grow
  • Reduced Fear and Apathy
  • Fewer tax dollars spent on repair and vandalism
  • CA$H Rewards

Beaufort County Crime Stoppers 2023
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